The SHARE Cooperative at the Harvest Market is a cooperative owned and democratically controlled by its members.


By joining the cooperative, you show you promote the values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy,
equality, equity, and solidarity.


Benefits of a Member-Owner:


  • Provides access to a full-service grocery store which features locally grown and locally sourced fresh food at a
    reasonable price.

  • Enjoy discounts with monthly member-owner specials.

  • Your one-vote-per-Member-Owner gives you a governing voice for the future direction of the store; which includes the election
    of the Board of Directors.

  • A patronage distributed to Member-Owners based upon the store’s subsequent profitability.

  • An opportunity to connect with like-minded people and be a part of something special in your community.

As a Member-Owner, you help guide the cooperative’s future:

  • All members have equal voting rights 

  • Participate in election of a Board of Directors

  • The right to run for a place on the Board of Directors

  • Participate in cooperative decisions through annual meetings


We offer three types of membership (What kind of  Member-Owner would you like to be?)

1. Individual Member-Owner
$100 member-owner one-time investment

2. Full Plates Member-Owner (Exclusive to Senior citizens [65+], College/University Students, and SNAP Recipients)

$75 member-owner one-time investment

*A Payment Option may be available

** Anyone who has special needs as determined by the Board of Directors may be eligible

3. Corporate Member-Owner

$250 business member-owner one-time investment

Ten (10) member cards available for this membership

  *Only one member-owner vote per corporate membership


The SHARE Cooperative at The Harvest Market is a start-up business that requires Member-Owner equity to cover opening expenses.
Your one-time investment provides the needed Member-Owner equity.


Member equity investments will be fully refundable if the SHARE Food Co-op does not proceed to the implementation stage.