The SHARE Cooperative

The SHARE Cooperative (DBA) Harvest Market is a cooperative, owned and democratically controlled by its members.

By joining the cooperative, you show you promote the values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity, and solidarity.

Benefits of a Member-Owner:

  • Provides access to a full-service grocery store featuring locally grown and locally sourced fresh food at a reasonable price.
  • Enjoy discounts with monthly member-owner specials.
  • A patronage distributed to Member-Owners based upon the store’s subsequent profitability.
  • An opportunity to connect with like-minded people and be a part of something special in your community.

As a Member-Owner, you help guide the cooperative’s future:

  • All members have equal voting rights. 
  • Participate in election of the Board of Directors.
  • The right to run for a place on the Board of Directors.
  • Participate in cooperative decisions through annual meetings.


What kind OF MEMBER-Owner would you like to be?
We offer three types of membership



one-time investment

 Full Plates


one-time investment

Exclusive to Senior citizens [65+], College/University Students, and SNAP Recipients

* A Payment Option may be available
** Anyone who has special needs as determined by the Board of Directors may be eligible



Business member-owner
one-time investment

Ten (10) member cards available for this membership

* Only one member-owner vote per corporate membership

The SHARE Cooperative (DBA) The Harvest Market is a community project which promotes Member-Owner equity. Your one-time investment provides our Member-Owner equity.

Support the Harvest Market

As a member and supporter of the HARVEST MARKET, we are asking you to make one of the following MARKET COMMITMENTS:

  1. Spend $25 per week or $50 every other week in the market  (starting THIS week).
  2. Volunteer 4 hours per month to help offset store staffing costs – We will provide your name and contact information to store staff who will contact you for your date/time availability.
  3. Give the gift of membership by making a $100 donation in the name of someone you would like to sponsor.
  4. Make a donation of any amount to go towards general operating costs.

Donations can be made by stopping by the store in person, visiting the SHARE website ( or by sending a check made payable to SHARE, to the following address: 603 Peters Creek Pkwy, Winston-Salem, NC 27103

Which of these commitments can we put you down for?

Now OPEN at 635A Peters Creek Pkwy!

Stop by and shop with us daily from 8am – 8pm.